Weekly poll results: 3.5mm jack, gone, but not forgotten

When you’re as big as Apple, you can get away with almost anything, including murder OK, that might have come off sounding a bit wrong and quite extreme. However, it is a fact that Apple already has a track record of pushing its tech vision of the future, by retiring standards. Of course this time around, we are referring to the lack of a 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro an industry standard since, well, forever in tech terms.

Last week, we asked you how you felt on the matter and how you intend to cope with the latest Cupertino-induced trend that might just spread to other manufacturers as well. Well, the votes are in and it is clear that removing the 3.5mm jack has brought about quite a bit of backlash. Frankly, this was evident right from the get-go as initial responses started coming in after the launch. But it was quite interesting to see that a whopping 46% of you are annoyed by Apple’s decision.

It seems most are willing to go wireless all the way. However, that doesnt necessarily mean riding Apple’s own “truly wireless” marketing wave and option for AirPods. In fact, since Cupertino’s wired solutions through the Lightning port seem least appealing in the poll, it might just be that most users are rather leaning towards the universal Bluetooth standards.

We would love to hear any additional thought you may have in the comments. For instance, tell us how you would pack your iPhone 7, along with other gadgets and pair them with headphones for a trip.