Weekly poll: OnePlus 6T McLaren, hot or not?

Whether youre a motorsport fan or not, the launch of the OnePlus 6T McLaren was pretty exciting. The special edition phone debuts Warp Charge, the companys first charging speed upgrade since 2016s OnePlus 3.

At 30W it is definitely an upgrade over the 20W dont-call-it-Dash Charge and is faster than what Samsung and Apple are offering, for example. Chances are that the OnePlus 7 will use Warp too.

Then theres the memory. It has a whopping 10GB of RAM, most laptops ship with less. And theres 256GB of storage too.

Also, the back features carbon fiber a tribute to the McLaren racing team, which pioneered its use in F1. Previously, carbon has featured in OnePlus cases, but never on the phone itself. The Papaya Orange is another nod at the racing team and the edge glow look is pretty unique.

In short, its a beautiful phone and not a bad package for 700. Thats a 70 premium over the vanilla 8/256GB model and 150 more than the 6/128GB base.

However, a pessimist would point out that in the 700 price range there are phones with telephoto or ultra-wide cameras (sometimes both), waterproofing, wireless charging, larger batteries, stereo speakers, 3.5mm jacks (sometimes).

You know, the usual complaints against the OnePlus 6T. Check out our video that tries to answer whether the McLaren is better than the vanilla 6T: