Weekly poll: iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus – which one are you getting

Overenthusiastic Apple fans around the world (well, in a dozen countries, really) have already received what were likely carefully planned first-minute pre-orders of the latest iPhone 6s/6s Plus. But did you go for pocketability and try to stay true to the original Apple ideology of small screens, or did you opt for the second-gen Plus-sized iPhone, all 5.5 inches and 192g of it?

Two days into open sales, the question is relevant as ever to the more patient folk – “which one should I get”? It’s a textbook case of size does matter, with the only other significant difference between the two being the optical image stabilization in the Plus’ camera. So, you should basically get the one you like better, and you should tell us about it.

Both these groups’ input is what we’re seeking in this week’s poll, which aims to establish the proportions of phablet vs. phone users in the Apple realm. Fire away and feel free to share the reasoning behind your choice in the comments.