Weekly poll: Huawei Mate 20 X – hot or not?

When we laid eyes on the Huawei Mate 20 X we knew right away that it will be one of the most interesting members of the Mate 20 family. A four-way poll confirmed it the phone ranked second only to the Mate 20 Pro and well ahead of the vanilla Mate 20 and the Porsche Design.

Whats the big deal? Well, the 7.2 flat OLED screen certainly is a big deal, this is essentially a tablet device. The 1080p+ resolution is on the low side for this size, but the screen has a rare feature stylus support. Combined with the M-Pen, it can sense 4,096 levels of pressure, similar to the Galaxy Note.

The Huawei Mate 20 X targets gamers too, the advantages of the large screen combine with better cooling for the Kirin 980 chipset (thanks to Supercool, Huaweis name for vapor chamber cooling plus graphene film heat spreader). Dolby Atmos stereo speakers make this the perfect multimedia device.

And heres the kicker the 20 X uses the same camera as the Pro. Thats a 40MP quad Bayer sensor, plus 3x optical zoom (8MP) and ultra wide angle (20MP). In case you didn’t notice, the vanilla Mate 20 misses out on the 40MP sensor and uses a 12MP sensor instead.

The initial MSRP for the X used to be 150 lower than that of the Pro, which made it a great deal considering the screen and camera. The price of the Pro has fallen since launch, however, so now it costs less than the X.

Still, at first the Huawei Mate 20 X was not meant to come out of China at all. But leave it did and it’s already available in several western markets.

Anyway, we shouldnt let excitement detract from some of the phones failings. Theres no proper water resistance and no wireless charging. And, like its siblings, memory is expandable only through the rare NM cards.

You can check out our review for a detailed look at the screen quality, gaming performance, camera, battery life and everything else. Once youre done, cast your vote below.