Weekly poll: flat screens or curved screens, which is best?

A brilliant screen is often the jewel of a flagship smartphone, but there are different interpretations of what is best. We cant even agree on something as simple as whether the screen should be curved or not.

There are good reasons to keep screens flat. For one, it is your only good option if you want to apply a screen protector, which many still do despite the ever-increasing Gorilla Glass version numbers. The LG G6 is a recent example.

Competitor Samsung sees things differently, the Galaxy S8 (and S8+) dont even have a flat option. The curved sides of the screen certainly help slim the side bezels, but some dont like how it feels in the hand it makes the phone harder to grip (since your finger tips go right on the screen).

Of course, for that you need a flexible screen panel. Most makers simply choose to add a curved glass (aka 2.5D), which eliminates sharp edges on the front. Some makers tried to play with this, ZTE in particular made bezel-less phones like the nubia Z17 with an optical trick.

See, there are pros and cons to each approach. You, our readers, were not terribly excited about a curved Galaxy Note7. Is that still how you feel about curved screens?

Screens – flat or curved?