Weekly poll: Do you still use a 3.5mm audio jack?

Weve asked before and were asking again do you still need a 3.5mm audio jack? When Apple killed the jack, most people reacted negatively. When rumors swirled that the Galaxy S8 will drop the headphone jack (which it didnt), there was another negative reaction the jack was more important than a dual camera.

Have you entered the brave new world of wireless headsets or ones that connect with USB-C/Lightning ports? Or are you living the dongle life? And if so, how did you solve the listen and charge problem?

Some makers try to give upsides the USB-C headphones. HTC, for example, brings noise cancellation and automatic audio tuning with USonic. Thats a neat, but Sony pulled off noise cancellation with a reworked 3.5mm jack.

Others extol the virtues of wireless like wireless-wireless. Apples AirPods started a trend, though that will never work for over-the-ear- headphones. And if you want audio quality, over-the-ear is the way to go.

Alright, time for another vote. Are makers like Apple, Google and now HTC right? Is it time to finally say goodbye to the jack?

Do you use 3.5mm audio jack?