Weekly poll: do the contents of a phone’s retail box matter?

In recent years, weve seen a trend of cutting down the retail box to bare essentials – even for flagship smartphones. There are still a few devices that pack in extra perks, like Galaxy S8s AKG headphones or LG V20s B&O headset. Others come with just a USB cable and some manuals.

Is a well-stocked box a consideration when buying a phone? We certainly think a fast charger – as fast as the phone supports – is essential. But a $100+ pair of headphones is certainly welcome. And some USB adapters (e.g. micro to C) definitely made the transition to the new USB standard smoother. We rarely see a good protective cover bundled, but we wont complain about free stuff.

And we think it goes beyond just convenience – for phones over $500, companies had better not skimp on the goodies. Even just the box itself shouldnt be overlooked, a premium-looking box is a good antidote to buyers regret.

Well, do you take the phone out of the box and toss the rest? Use the included headphones as your daily drivers? Do you insist on additional perks – even value packs like a microSD card, a case, maybe a VR headset?

Do retail box contents matter?