Vodafone launches Galaxy S9 and S9+ Red Bull Ring limited edition

Red Bull Racing had a pretty good weekend its driver Daniel Ricciardo was minutes away from missing the qualification, but his mechanics came through and the Honey badger took home a win. Great time to launch the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Red Bull Ring limited edition.

The bundle includes a branded box and a special Red Bull Ring case (named after the Austrian Grand Prix track).

The limited edition phones are available on Vodafone Netherlands starting today and lasting until April 27 (next Friday).

The Galaxy S9+ will cost you 30.69 down and 55 a month for 6 GB of data and unlimited calling and texting. With the same plan, the Galaxy S9 is 54.69 down and 48 a month.

By the way, its not just any case – it has an NFC chip that triggers a change in theme as soon as you put it on, the Galaxy S9 will switch to a Red Bull theme featuring beautiful shots of its F1 cars.

The phones are also pre-loaded with info for each track. You’ll also get to enjoy free clips from the Ziggo Sport Formula 1 Cafe and exclusive race images.