Verizon’s Galaxy Note7 gets update that makes battery icon green for safe units, warns people about unsafe ones

Samsung has started pushing out a software update for Verizon’s Galaxy Note7 units. The new build is VRS2APHE, and it serves two purposes.

On one hand, if you have a safe replacement unit from the carrier, you’ll get the green battery indicators across the UI. This should serve as one more confirmation that your model isn’t going to catch fire. The green icon will be present in the status bar, on the Always On Display, and in the power menu when you want to turn the phone off.

On the other hand, if for whatever reason you’ve held onto a fire-prone unit, you will get the big warning message you can see in the screenshot to the left. Seriously though, if you haven’t done so already, just go and have your Note7 replaced. The inconvenience of going through this process is nothing compared to having the phone actually catch fire, isn’t it?

The “Safety Recall Notice” will be shown every single time you reboot your phone, and also when you plug it in to charge. That said, this update doesn’t seem to limit charging to 60%, like in South Korea.

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