Verizon to bundle Apple TV 4K or YouTube TV subscription to future 5G broadband service

Today, Verizon announced the first few markets that will get the carriers future 5G in-home broadband service including Indianapolis, Houston, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. Verizon says it will deploy the service to these four markets this year.

As part of the service, Verizon will offer each customer a free Apple TV 4K and will bundle YouTube TV as part of the internet service. We still don’t know what Verizon plans to charge for such service.

This bundle makes it very attractive for those whove been on the fence about cord-cutting and provides the streaming alternative to a cable subscription. YouTube TV also includes DVR and streaming from literally anywhere you have an internet connection (provided its within the proper service areas).

Verizon is the first carrier to announce wireless broadband for in-home consumption. T-Mobile has already announced initial plans to create a 5G network but has yet to announce any details surrounding availability and deployment of an at-home wireless broadband service.

5G will give customers more options that the default cable carrier that everyone hates. The future of home broadband is 5G but whats left to be answered is: How susceptible will 5G be to outside interference like weather and other communications. This is going to be an interesting kind of future.