Verizon offers up to 50% off a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL with trade-in

It’s pretty rare these days to see the Pixel 2, and the Pixel 2 XL especially, in the news for anything other than the newest hardware issue cropping up. But this is one of those times, so brace yourself – it’s a deal we’re talking about.

Specifically, Verizon is now offering you up to 50% off a brand new Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL if you trade-in an eligible device. To grab the biggest price cut you will need to part with a top of the line device released within the past two years or so, as you can see from the image below.

That said, even older and lower-end smartphones could net you at least a 25% discount, perhaps even 35%. The full list is above.

The main caveat here is that you need to buy the Pixel you want with a device installment plan and keep that for its two-year duration in order to actually benefit from the deal. That’s because the price cut is given to you in the form of monthly bill credits, and not one upfront reduction or anything like that. Still, if that’s no issue for you and you don’t mind the Pixel 2’s bezels or the Pixel 2 XL’s problems, head on over to Verizon to grab either one by using the Source links below.

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