Verizon finally updates Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to Nougat

Three out of four major US carriers already went through with the Nougat update for Samsung Galaxy S7. Verizon was trailing behind, but it’s finally catching up – you can snatch Google’s latest right away.

The official update follows a Galaxy Beta Program which let users try out the new version of the OS themselves on their Galaxy smartphone. Verizon dropped out after a month leaving its users in a dilemma – either stay in beta or get back to Marshmallow. Verizons updates are pretty much the same as others: It has the latest Android security patch from February 1, 2017; the UI stays the same. The only difference is Verizon got rid of the go90 app.

Now that all carrier-bought Galaxy S7/S7 Edge devices have the update to Nougat, only the US unlocked devices are stranded with Marshmallow. Theres no information when they will also taste the new sweet candy-named Android 7.0.

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