US-bound S8 units will come with Galaxy branding on the back

Another day, another Galaxy S8 image Honestly, it’s hard keeping track with the endless stream of renders and photos of the upcoming flagship pair. Yes, we’ve all seen the new curvy shape and pondered on the size difference between the S8 and S8+.

Galaxy-branded (U.S. model)

Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 23, 2017

This latest image depicts a US model. We can clearly see the “Galaxy S8” text on the back, which can only mean Samsung plans on sticking to its current flagship branding scheme in the States.

If we assume this is an indication that the Galaxy S7 arrangement will be kept in full, that means US Galaxy S8 and S8+ units will get the model as extra writing on the back, while international versions won’t. It is also pretty fair to assume that we are looking at an unlocked unit here, as opposed to a carrier one, since those should come with a carrier logo instead of the Samsung one.

So, US customers might be stuck with some extra text on the back yet again. On the bright side, the front bezels leave no room for branding and we have come to expect a perfectly undisturbed design there.

As a quick reminder, the Samsung Unpacked unveiling event is scheduled for March 29 and we anticipate the first units to start shipping on either April 21 or April 28.