Unlocked LG G6 is now available in the US starting at $599.99

Just a few days ago Samsung started taking pre-orders for the unlocked versions of its Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones in the US, with the release date being set for May 31. However, LG has managed to ever so slightly one-up its competitor once again – following the rollout of its G6 to US carriers, which also happened before the S8 became available.

The unlocked G6 that LG promised was coming soon back in March is now finally here. You can already purchase one from B&H. On the other hand, LG itself and Amazon are only taking pre-orders for now, while B&H claims to have devices in stock.

B&H and Amazon have both priced the phone at $599.99, while LG is charging $699.99 for the same model. In the end of course it’s your choice where you buy from, just keep these details in mind.