Unlocked LG G6 drops to all time low of $499.99

The LG G6 has already seen its fair share of deals, despite only being on the market for a few weeks. However, so far most of those offers have come from carriers, at least in the US. But what if you want to grab a G6 for cheap(er), but don’t want anything to do with a carrier?

Well, today an eBay seller with 99.8% positive feedback has come to your rescue. It’s offering the unlocked LG G6 for only $499.99. That’s a cool $100 less than what you’d expect to pay for such a handset, but there are quite a few caveats.

First off, this isn’t the unlocked model meant for the US market. Instead, it’s the H870DS variation that was intended for places such as Hong Kong, Russia, and Australia. This comes with dual-SIM functionality and double the storage of the US variant – 64GB compared to 32GB. It’s also got differing band support so before you order make sure you check if your carrier’s are supported. Finally, note that it won’t work on CDMA-based networks such as Verizon and Sprint at all.

If you read all of the above and haven’t been deterred, then jump onto the Source link below and do the deed – but act soon, for there’s apparently only a limited quantity of devices available at this low price.

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