Twitters night mode is now automatic for Android

Sometimes, a bright and white UI is too much light to be viewing at night. Which is why Twitter released night mode for its app. You toggle it in the menu and youll get a dark background with white text as opposed to black text with a white background, easy right?

Well Twitter for Android is about to make night mode a set it and forget it feature. Starting with Twitters beta users, the app will be getting an automatic night mode that switches at sunrise and sunset for those who tweet around the clock.

Automatic Night mode will come with Twitter 7.2. Upon updating, youll be forced to the regular model and once you hit night mode again, youll be prompted to set night mode to automatic if you so choose. The feature should hit the Twitters public release very soon.

Do you use Twitters night mode or do you use a third-party Twitter app?

Source: Play Store | Via