Twitter to feature a dark UI that automatically activates at night

According to reports from 9to5Google, a select number of alpha testers have been testing version 5.112.0-alpha.423 of Twitter for Android which features the new night mode which can automatically switch from a white background-with black text UI to a darker blue background with blue elements (gotta keep with the Twitter theme) and white text based on location and time of the day. In this alpha version of the app, there is no toggle for switching this mode on or off. We expect this to be fixed for the final stable release.

The idea of a dark or night UI is not a new one. Many third-party applications offered the option to switch to an inverted UI which is easier on the eyes when using apps in a dimly lit room or when getting ready to go to sleep. Android only made it an option for the developer to actually incorporate this feature natively in the APK as of February in Android Support Library 23.2.

In addition to night mode, Twitter is also testing a new UI layout, a hamburger slide-out menu, overflow buttons, and floating action buttons such as for composing new tweets.

This night mode is slated to be released along with the new Material redesign of the Twitter app that only a select bunch of people already have on their phones. Surely, an automatically switching night UI would be a great addition to any application that users are constantly browsing at all hours of the day and into the night.

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