Twitch drops ad-free experience on Twitch Prime

A couple of years ago, Amazon Prime members received the benefit of Twitch Prime as part of the regular Prime members Amazon subscription which included benefits like no ads, in-game currency for certain games, and you could vote toward a free game every month. There is even a monthly credit that you can give to any streamer of your choice that helps support them.

Today, Twitch has made a change to one of those perks. Starting on September 14, Twitchs universal ad-free viewing will no longer be available to Twitch Prime members. It will, however, still be available to Twitch Turbo members who pay $8.99 per month.

We want Twitch to remain a place where anyone can enjoy one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment, and ads allow us to continue making Twitch the best place for creators to build communities around the things they love and make money doing it.

Advertising is what rakes in the money, and there are a lot of Prime members that could potentially be shown ads to support creators better.

The good news is that Twitch Prime members will still be allowed an ad-free viewing experience for a single channel by using your monthly subscription token, as long as that channel has ad-free viewing for subscribers turned on.