The new Pixel 2 phones support USB-PD up to 27W

If youre picky about your USB accessories (like me), you may check if its approved by Google software engineer Besnon Leung. He has some good news about the new Pixel 2 and 2 XL they support up to 27W charging!

For that you will need to buy a compatible USB Power Delivery charger. The phones ship with an 18W charger (same as the original Pixels) that promises 7 hours of mixed usage with just 15 minutes of charge.

Imaging how much more youll get out of a 27W charger! If you get the new Pixelbook, it comes with a 45W charger that is compatible (at a lower power level, of course). Google is selling this charger separately for $60, though you can check Leungs list for other appropriate chargers (off brand chargers could damage your device… your $650/800 device!).

The new Pixel 2 phones support USB-PD up to 27W

PS. Apparently since v8.0 Oreo, Android is using the Type-C Port Manager of the Linux kernel. It seems that this feature will support Alternate Mode, which will be great for docks (i.e. providing video out while charging).