Telegram updated with live location, new media player and languages

Telegram has updated its iOS and Android app with a handful of new features.

For starters, users can now share their location in real time with a group. While sharing your location, you will now be asked to share your location live for fifteen minutes, one hour or eight hours. This can come handy while coordinating your position with a group and not having to manually post your location every few minutes. Group members will be able to see your current location on a map at all times.

The other change is to the media player. Telegram now has a proper music player interface built-in for all the audio files people send. You can tap on a track to play it, then tap on the bar that pops up above to see the player UI. It even shows other tracks sent in the conversation within the tracklist. You can have the audio playing in the background even if you quit the app.

There are also new languages that have been added, including French, Indonesian, Malay, Russian and Ukrainian with more languages like Persian coming soon.

Lastly, groups have also received a minor update. In large groups, admins will be identified by an Admin badge on their messages. Admins in supergroups can now choose whether new members can see the older messages in the group.