T-Mobile teases “9G” because it’s as true as AT&T’s “5G E”

Remember AT&T’s plan to switch the 4G LTE icon on its Android phones to “5G E” through software updates? Well, those are already rolling out to select devices. Let’s be clear here: you are not getting any sort of real 5G via a software update. That’s not how this works.

Instead, AT&T wants to ride the 5G hype train of 2019 harder than most and has resorted to basically lying to its customers in this manner. If you ask the carrier it will say “it’s 5G E” which is not “5G+” (the marketing name it’s using for its actual 5G network), but who will be able to realize the minutiae of that difference?

Exactly. T-Mobile’s official Twitter account isn’t having none of that, however, and in yet another act of fine trolling of a competitor it released this:

didnt realize it was this easy, brb updating

T-Mobile (@TMobile) January 7, 2019

So, TMo customers, get ready for “9G” – it’s even easier to apply because it doesn’t require a software update. The future awaits!