T-Mobile launches buy one, get one “free-ish” deal for LG flagships

You can potentially save up to $500 with T-Mobile’s new summer promotion and end up with a pair of LG flagships. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit more complicated that just paying for one and getting another free unit to gracefully share with a significant other. To get the deal, you need to sign up for an Equipment Installment Plan, which is basically a 24 month commitment, that guarantees T-Mobile you won’t just grab a pair of LG’s and then run off to another carrier (Not without salty penalties, that is).

After you get the contrast, you can opt for an LG G6 ($20 down and $20/month, totaling $500) or an LG V20 ($0 down and $20/month, totaling $480). Then, if you add a second line to said contract, you can get another unit. The cheaper of the two will be “free”, or in other words, eligible for a rebate through bill credit over the next 24 months. T-Mobile also warns that it might take up to two billing cycles for the bill credit to start hitting your account.

Still, the math works out in the end and there is even mention of a prepaid MasterCard on T-Mobile’s website, so be sure to hit the carrier up and ask for details if you happen to like to deal. Oh, and naturally, it’s a limited time offer.