T-Mobile is offering a free third line for new and existing customers for a limited time

Starting today, March 1, T-Mobile is launching a promotion to give customers a free third line. Any new or existing customers with two or more postpaid lines on a single account will be eligible to walk into a T-Mobile store and sign up for a free line with any of the following plans: T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice, and Simple Choice No Credit plans, as well as business accounts with up to 11 lines.

The amount of data allocated to the free line will mimic the line with the smallest amount of data on the account and can be used for a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or SyncUp Drive. Also, T-Mobile mentions that any accounts that have cancelled a line after February 27 will not be eligible to receive a free line. The line will be billed and then credited at the end of every month, so once you make any changes to the number of lines on the account, youll no longer be getting a monthly credit.

The offer goes nicely with the two lines of T-Mobile ONE for $100. That means you could effectively get three lines of unlimited data with 10GB of tethering and HD video streaming (up to 720p) for $33 per line. Just know that if you add or remove a line, the free line will no longer be free.

Like most of T-Mobiles promotions, its only going to be available for a limited time: until whenever the carrier decides to end the offer.

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