T-Mobile is giving you $325 if you use the Google Pixel on its network

Yesterday T-Mobile’s CEO teased a big announcement coming today, somehow being related to Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. And now we know what it is.

While the magenta carrier isn’t going to start selling the handsets directly, it is making you an offer you pretty much can’t refuse if you already own one. So, basically, pick up a Pixel from Google (or even Verizon), bring it to T-Mobile, sign up for the Magenta One unlimited plan, and profit.

Over 24 months, T-Mobile will automatically wipe $13.55 off your bill. That’s a grand total of $325 you can save simply by using your Pixel on the magenta carrier’s network. If you’ve purchased the entry-level 32GB Pixel, which retails for $649, this essentially means you’re getting half of that amount back in the form of these monthly bill credits.

With this offer, T-Mobile wants to stress that the Pixels aren’t “exclusive” to Verizon as some of Big Red’s ads claim. In fact, even the Pixels bought from Verizon are sold unlocked, so you can use them on any network you please. T-Mobile’s reimbursement offer for Pixel owners goes live tomorrow. All the details are available here. As you can see in the image above, TMo thinks there are more reasons to switch to it aside from the money you’re getting back – according to its testing, its network is faster than Verizon’s, both for downloads and for uploads.