T-Mobile drops required down-payment for Samsung Galaxy S9+ on JOD

TmoNews obtained a copy of an internal document that was effective immediate. The memo was dated March 3 and introduced a new pricing structure for the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

When pre-orders for the Galaxy S9+ first launched, the phone was available for $120-down and $30 per month on T-Mobiles JUMP! On Demand lease plan for well qualified buyers. T-Mobile is making a change to the pricing and is offering well qualified buyers who upgrade on the lease program to get the phone with no down payment.

The memo explains that those who pre-ordered a Galaxy S9+ on March 2 and onwards would be called back to take advantage of the new down-payment offer.

Source: TMo News

Finally, the new down-payment only applies to JUMP! On Demand, Financing the Galaxy S9+ on an Equipment Installment Plan still costs $120-down and $30 per month. This is worth noting because T-Mobile’s BOGO promotions usually require that you finance the phones with an EIP and not with JUMP! On Demand.