T-Mobile demoing Gear VR in Times Square

T-Mobile is usually the one to go all out with trash talking the other carriers, wireless promotions, and T-Mobile has also been aggressively advertising for a while now. Today is no different when T-Mobile set up its own transparent booths with hand-rails for passers-by of New York City to stop, try the Gear VR, take pictures, and talk about it to their friends. Have you seen that VR thing? Oh, MAN, you gotta try it!

Surely enough, the reps that are aiding with setting up the demos for every person must be telling them about T-Mobiles buy-one-get-one-free deal for the New Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which is to be officially released tomorrow.

Feast your 👀! Rock the #GalaxyS7 and the #GearVR at our #RealityCheck event in Times Square right NOW! 🔥

T-Mobile (@TMobile) March 10, 2016

Samsung is also clever to give these Gear VRs away for every customer who pre-orders the new smartphone. It is difficult to get people to buy something they dont know if they need, but by throwing it in for free, Samsung should be able to leverage more Gear VR units off the shelves by word of mouth.

T-Mobiles official twitter account has been tweeting photos of the all the fun. Today was a beautiful day in New York and T-Mobile is taking advantage of the thousands of people who have come out to enjoy the incoming spring weather.