T-Mobile abruptly stops offering JUMP! On Demand lease option for new customers

T-Mobile recently pulled the plug on the JUMP! On Demand leasing option when upgrading or signing up for a new line. Current JUMP! On Demand customers wont be switched from their current plans. So they can continue to switch phones anytime they want to, up to 3 times within a 12-month period.

T-Mobile must have used this tactic to gain a ton of customers. Surely the only way T-Mobile could have possibly made money with JUMP! On Demand customers was purely on service. Offering this kind of upgrade as frequent as JUMP! On Demand had was just not cost-efficient for a long term tactic.

As Phone Arena reports, the change went into effect within the past few days and was only discovered when trying to upgrade a service line on the lease program. As of now, one of our sources who works in a T-Mobile retail store told us that there is currently no alternative to the JUMP! On Demand leasing option, only the regular finance option.

In any case, itd make most financial sense for T-Mobile to continue offering only the standard (financing) JUMP! Not too long ago, Sprint also nixed its own iPhone Forever program, but rather than keeping those who already had it, it dropped the program for all customers. Many customers were upset.