SwiftKey for Android updated with toolbar customization, support for new languages

SwiftKey for Android has received a new update that brings a handful of new features. You can now customize the toolbar, new languages are supported, while a couple of issues have been ironed out.

To begin with, you can customize the toolbar by turning features on or off as well as rearranging them in the order you desire.

The list of newly supported languages include Aja, Blackfoot, Seychellois Creole, Kazakh (Latin), Kiche and Quechua (Southern).

Another new addition is the expansion of Location Sharing feature to 24 new countries, and an Emoji panel-related change that lets it default to the last used tab.

As for the fixes, the crashing behavior while creating Photo Themes has been taken care of. Plus, you can now also re-personalize from Gmail and Google+ without any failures.