Survey reveals that Android users switch to iOS for a better user experience

PC Mag held an interesting survey surrounding the question: Why did you switch platforms (between iOS and Android)? There are countless discussions of people passionately defending one platform over the other and while we sometimes do hear about those who switch and dont look back, this survey gives us an insight into the reasoning behind users switch to the other platform.

The survey covers 2,500 participants over three days via a Google Survey. 18 percent of participants switched from Android to iOS while 11 percent went vice-versa. This significantly decreases the sample size of participants that answered questions based on switching. Meanwhile, 71% of people surveyed

But the main reason that Android users switch to iOS is same reason: for a better user experience. However, the difference is in the numbers: 30% of Android users that came from iOS said this, but 47% of iOS users that came from Android said the same thing. This, of course, means that a better user experience is subjective to the user.

The next reason that iOS users switch to Android is for better prices, and we think this is more representative of the whole population. We all know that iPhones are expensive and there is a far larger selection of Android devices with much lower prices than Apples. However, 11% of Android users that switched to iOS cite the same reason for switching. Meanwhile, 25% of iOS users that switched from Android say they switched for better features.

Google Pixel 2XL next to the iPhone X

The other reasons listed are more apps, better customer service, faster software updates, and other. Each of these categories scores 6% or less of the votes or less for switchers of either direction.

What about our readers? Have you switched between smartphone platforms recently? Or do you fall under the majority of users that hasnt ever switched and has no plans to?

Check out the source link to read the full report from PCMag.

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