Sprint outs iPhone 7 BOGO deal if you don’t mind leasing

Earlier today we told you all about T-Mobile’s Buy One, Get One free (BOGO) deals for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6, and now Sprint has launched its counter-offer for the magenta carrier. The Now Network forgoes Android devices and jumps straight to the iPhone.

It’s offering you a free (after bill credits) iPhone 7 if you lease another iPhone 7. So you’ll pay $27.09 per month as you would if you only wanted one device, but will in fact get two. Caveats? Sure. Aside from the fact that bill credits are involved (and will be applied “within two invoices”), you should also note that at least one of those two iPhones needs to be activated on a new line – while the other one can be on another new line, or an upgrade.

Additionally, don’t forget that this deal involves leasing the phones, not purchasing them in installments. You are required to use the 18-month lease option, and the handsets need to be on Unlimited Freedom plans. On the other hand, you can switch to a newer iPhone after just 12 months, but you will need to hand in that iPhone 7 when you do (since you were only leasing it).

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