Sprint also offers Free iPhone 7 with trade-in, AT&T too!

Yesterday, we reported about T-Mobile offering a similar offer: Trade in any iPhone 6 or newer, and youll receive $650 via statement credits over the course of 24 months for any new line activation or eligible upgrade.

Sprint is offering a very similar deal. Actually, its about the exact same deal, except you can also trade in Samsung Galaxy smartphones to be eligible to get the deal. If you trade in any iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, or 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, or S7 edge, youll be eligible to receive $27.09/ month toward your bill for 24 months. ($650 total, the price of a 32GB iPhone 7)

Sprint’s iPhone 7 offer

AT&T is offering a similar deal as well, but its not open to all buyers. Youll need to be an existing DirecTV subscriber in order to qualify for the offer and transfer any number to your AT&T account from another carrier. Once your credit is approved (like all other offers) then you can have any smartphone of your choice, including any new iPhone 7 model.

Of course, any phone you trade in needs to be paid off and fully functioning with no screen or water damage. If you plan to skip out on the carrier, the remaining balance of the phone becomes due. The way these terms are structured make it quite hard to flip these phones for profit.

T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&Ts offers are all landing as soon as iPhone pre-orders go live, which is tonight (9/9) at midnight PST, or 3AM EST.

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