Spigen Super5tar program puts a case in your hands in exchange for an honest review

Spigen is a phone maker based out of the US and they have started a new initiative in order to get customer feedback as quickly as possible. The program is called Super5tar Review Program and what it means is that anyone can sign up to be a member for free and if approved, you could be selected to review a Spigen case of your choice.

Right now, they are offering cases for the iPhone 6(S), Galaxy S6 (edge and edge+ too), Galaxy Note 3, Note 4, and Note 5, as well as some screen protectors for the Galaxy S7(edge), LG G5, and iPhones 5S/5C/5.

Strangely, you even have the option of choosing from many models of cases for the iPhone SE. Actually, the entire first page of cases are all for the unannounced iPhone.

Heres how it works, head over to Spigens Super5tar Review Program page and select a case that youd like to review. Next, fill out the form with your email, birthdate, name, country of residence, and youll also need to provide your Amazon account profile link.

To find your Amazon profile link:

Log into your Amazon account
Click on Your Account (Where you would check for your recent orders)
Under Personalization click on Your Public Profile
Copy the link in your browsers address bar and paste it back into Spigens form
Your Profile link should look like this:

Then, if your application is approved, you will be sent the case you chose at signup and youll be expected to write an honest review on the cases respective Amazon product page. Of course, you must be over 18 years of age to participate in the review program and you must also agree to a possible minimum processing fee in order to get your case.

The page says approval is based on your Amazon Review Profile, country of residence, and validity of the email address provided. New products will rotate periodically so be sure to check back to the program page every once in a while.