Sony Xperia XA Ultra and C5 Ultra getting new updates

Sony has started pushing out new updates to its Xperia XA Ultra and Xperia C5 Ultra smartphones, bringing security patches as well as other changes.

Specifically, the Xperia XA Ultra update includes Android security patch for the month of October as well as a fix for an issue related to the device’s camera ISO setting – any manual change to ISO wasn’t getting reflected previously.

Both single SIM as well as dual SIM variants of the phone are getting the update, which arrives as firmware version 36.0.A.2.109 and 36.0.B.2.109 , respectively.

The Xperia C5 Ultra update, on the other hand, brings along Android security patch for the month of July. Sadly, it isn’t yet known what other changes (if any) are included in the update, but what is known is that it’s arriving as build number 29.2.A.0.129 and 29.2.B.0.129 for single and dual SIM models of the handset, respectively.

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