Sony will stop making PS Vita game cards

Sony is still making Vita game cards? youre probably wondering if you live in North America or Europe. Well, not for long production will stop at the end of Sonys fiscal year, aka March 2019. Digital distribution will live on, however.

The PlayStation Vita launched in early 2012 (a bit earlier in Japan), so its had a long life not a terribly successful one, but a long one. The portable console remains fairly popular in its home country of Japan, riding on the success of indie JRPGs. Other than a small, dedicated fan base, there arent many that will miss it in the West, however.

Sony will stop making PS Vita game cards

We know what youre thinking just make another Xperia Play already! If Sony was to make another portable console, it would have to go up against the immensely popular Nintendo Switch and lets just say that the Vita-3DS battle didnt exactly go in Sonys favor. Plus, gaming phones are hot right now.