Sony Mobile exec hints that the Xperia Compact line has been axed

Sony Mobile is undergoing restructuring to make it competitive again. This includes new leadership and a new strategy, well see the first step of that at the end of February. We are going to be announcing products at MWC. What we present there will be a first step showing the direction we are going.

Mesa adds that Sony is hoping to deliver a much better camera experience, but doesnt go into detail (the Xperia XZ4 is rumored to become Sonys first triple camera phone). Its important to note that Shigeki Ishizuka was brought in as Head of Development, a veteran of Sonys successful camera division (and credited with its success).

Theres some bad news for the Xperia XZ4 Compact, though. Theres always room for different sizes, but people want a lot more surface area for their content now, Mesa says. It sounds like the petite flagship was nixed.

Speculative renders: Sony Xperia XZ4
Speculative renders: Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact

Speculative renders: Sony Xperia XZ4 Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact

Chances of a PlayStation phone seem low too, despite the recent rise in popularity of gaming phones. 5G is another rising trend, but Sony wont rush into it it wants to get the experience right before launching a 5G phone.

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