Sony announces PS4 Pro and slimmer PS4

Sony announced two new PS4 models yesterday, a brand new PS4 Pro and a redesigned version of the standard PS4.

Starting with the PS4 Pro, the new console feature powerful new hardware that enables 4K gaming with HDR. Developers will have the choice to update their existing games and release new ones with either increased resolution of up to 4K or to add extra detail and improved framerate at HD resolutions. Many developers have already started working on new PS4 Pro compatible games and will update existing titles to add support.

Sony has promised there won’t be any other differences apart from visual quality between PS4 Pro and PS4 titles, and that the same game will work on both platforms and only look different depending upon your console and connected television. Sony is even bringing the HDR functionality to all existing PS4 consoles through a software update. The HDR functionality will enable wider dynamic range and richer colors on compatible televisions.

Other than games, PS4 Pro will also get a new Netflix app that supports 4K HDR content, as well as a new 4K YouTube app. Unfortunately, it does not have support for 4K Blu-ray, which is a rather glaring omission on a Sony product, especially since Microsoft supports it on the Xbox One S.

Sony also announced the updated PS4, which will replace the current model. The new model is 30% smaller, 16% lighter and also 28% more power efficient. Apart from that it is pretty much identical to the current standard PS4.

The PS4 Pro will be available from November 10 with 1TB hard drive for $399. The slimmer PS4 will be available from September 15 with a 500GB hard drive for $299.