Snapdragon 450 in the works, apparently related to the S625

Qualcomm’s Cortex-A53 based chipsets sip power and it seems that theres a new one in the works. Dubbed Snapdragon 450, it apparently comes from good stock documentation suggests it is related to the Snapdragon 625.

The 625 was a 14nm chipset, and it performed impressively as far as battery life was concerned. Current Snapdragon 4xx chips are built on the older 28nm process (yes, even the latest 430 and 435), which place a limit on their power efficiency (they still did quite okay, though).

The GPU will be clocked at 600MHz perhaps a downclocked version of the Adreno 506 found in the S625 chipset (where it ran at 650MHz). If that proves true, the Snapdragon 450 will have a huge advantage in graphics performance over its other 400-series siblings.

Well have to wait for official confirmation of these specs, but this is shaping up to be a solid alternative to the Snapdragon 630 for budget-minded phones.

Source (in German) | Via