Snapchat now lets you create custom geofilters within the app

Snapchat announced the geofilters feature last year that allowed users to create a custom filter for a particular location for people in that location to use. This was useful for, say, a party and everyone attending that party could then use that filter for their snap and because it was restricted to that location only people there can use it.

To make these filters, however, you would need to use Snapchat’s web tool or an image editing software. With the latest update, Snapchat has made it very easy to create a geofilter within the Snapchat app itself.

Now, users will be able to choose from themes such as wedding, bachelor(ette), baby shower, birthday, graduation, and more. Then select the location you want the filter to cover, add some text, stickers and emoji and then submit it to Snapchat who takes about a day to approve. As before, geofilters are paid and start from $5.99 depending upon how long you choose to have the filter, with options ranging from an hour to up to 90 days.