Skype for iPhone and iPad now supports Siri and new iOS 10 features

Today a new version of Skype has been made available for iOS through the iTunes App Store. Skype 6.25 for Apple’s mobile operating system brings with it support for some new features and APIs found in iOS 10.

First off, there’s Siri. If your iDevice runs the latest iOS version, you can tell Siri to call someone through Skype. The only requirement is for that person to be among your Skype contacts. Siri may ask you to confirm she has the right person, and that’s it – your call will begin.

Speaking of contacts, the ones from Skype are now integrated with your phone book. This means you can message someone or start a video or voice call without first starting up Skype.

Finally, when someone calls you on Skype in iOS 10, you’ll see the same screens as for a regular phone call. This is a huge step towards better consistency among all possible calling options, and it’s slowly being adopted by all VoIP apps now that iOS 10 is out.

Siri support and the default call screen will also make it to the Skype for Business iOS apps next month.