See ZTEs top three crowd-sourced ideas! One of these could become a real product

ZTE is trying something new this year. The company has already launched a new program called CSX with its online fans/community where the online community will think of ideas for a real smartphone/device/accessory that meets the following three criteria:

It must be a mobile product (portable and capable of connection to cellular, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi)
Must be realistically possible for 2017
Final product must be affordable for the general population

Phase one involved the submission of ideas which totaled more than 400. Phase two just finished which involved the voting for the top three ideas mentioned below. Phase three is now in effect. This involves the entire community and you must refine the design of the product which can involve CAD renderings, dimensions, design, and ergonomics.

The top three product ideas are:

Idea 1752: a phone that can perform tasks by tracking where your eyes are looking, such as scrolling or other possible eye-controlled gestures. It would also have a self-adhesive material on the back that can re-stick to many surfaces.

Idea 1863: Powerglove a wearable and programmable glove that automates certain hand-movements for tasks that require dexterity such as playing piano. If created with the right hardware, there are even possibilities for sports therapy or patients with Parkinsons or arthritis.

Idea 1925: Underwater VR goggles A pair of goggles with a built-in display which can display AR elements underwater thanks to its dual-cameras on the front which could also be used to capture videos and photos. There are also dual LEDs for navigating underwater at night if you wanted to. You would control it via hand-gestures or a nearby connected smartphone.

The top five designers of these ideas will each win a cash prize of $1,500. The grand prize winner (plus one guest) will get a trip to attend CES where the winner will explain their design at the ZTE press event.

Once CES rolls around, one of these ideas could become a real product! Any resident of the US can submit technical designs and renders to be considered for the grand prize. Your designs must be of one of the three ideas mentioned above.