Samsung will dual source Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader

Industry insiders are confirming earlier reports that GIS and O-film will both be producing ultrasonic in-display fingerprint readers for the Galaxy S10. The two are partnering with Qualcomm to develop the sensors.

Both firms are expected to start cranking out readers for the S10 in January, preceding the flagships unveiling in February and its launch not long after that. Taiwans GIS has higher yield rates, O-film has a high capacity and asks a lower price.

Thats what the high-end versions of the Galaxy S10 have to look forward to, the base S10 (with a flat screen) is expected to have a side-mounted reader. The two firms are vying to also get the orders for the next Galaxy Note coming half a year after the S10 (potentially, the A-series will join in).

GIS and competitor TPK are supplying touch panels for Apples iPads and iPad Pros, they were joined by O-film in 2017. Analysts predict GIS will take on the lions share of the production, making 50% of the panels.