Samsung to shut down Milk Music, reports say

I remember when I was working as a Samsung rep inside Best Buy last year, I was instructed to install Milk Music and Milk Video to every Samsung Phone that we handled. Many customers loved the idea of free radio stations with no ads for a year, and I am sure most of them didnt like the idea of continuing to pay for premium service after the year was up.

Samsung seems to have given up on Milk Music and reports say Samsung is going to shut it down for good. The idea of having a music service that is exclusive to Galaxy phones was a great idea, however, the problem was that Samsung didnt leverage it as well as it should have, it didnt give customers a compelling music service that wasnt already a lot like Pandora.

Even so, Samsung has left Milk Music out of its new lineup of TVs when there was no mention of being able to use the music service. Also, Samsungs Galaxy S7 and S7 edge announcement in MWC last month didnt make any mention of Milk Music either.

Lets not forget that Samsung pulled the plug on Milk Video after just one year of launching the service in 2014. What did you all think of Samsungs Milk Music? Did you find it compelling at all? Did you ever use it on any occasion?

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