Samsung to show a 9.1-inch stretchable OLED panel tomorrow

Yes, we’re still waiting for the much-hyped, much-rumored, and much-anticipated bendable displays to make an appearance inside mobile devices. Not panels bent in the factory, mind you, those are already pretty much everywhere thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy S line. We’re talking about screens you can bend yourself.

That might still be a pipe dream, but Samsung’s display making arm wants to go one step further at Display Week 2017 tomorrow. The company will showcase what it calls a stretchable 9.1-inch OLED panel. So what’s that about?

Well, according to a Samsung spokesperson, “while current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed – whether curved, bended or rolled – in both sides, above and below”. Some unnamed “industry watchers” are calling this “the ultimate product in flexible technology”, apparently.

The display can stretch as much as 12mm, or 1.2cm, when pressed. Even then, it “still maintains a high degree of resolution”, according to Samsung. The company thinks this screen will be widely used on Internet-of-Things devices or products that adopt AI technologies, but hasn’t revealed any more detailed information yet.

Before you get too excited however, do note that this technology is still in the early stages, so even Samsung Display itself can’t say for sure when it will become a commercial product.

Also at Display Week, the company will show off a 5.09-inch 3D OLED screen that doesn’t require glasses, and a 1.96-inch UHD 4K panel with the insane pixel density of 2250 ppi.

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