Samsung still clueless about what caused Galaxy Note7 fires

If you recall, nearly a couple of weeks ago, Samsung said it is currently investigating the reason behind Galaxy Note7 fire incidents, and will share more information in weeks to come.

Now, according to a new Wall Street Journal report, the South Korean company still doesn’t know what exactly caused the fire incidents.

“We recognized that we did not correctly identify the issue the first time and remain committed to finding the root cause,” a company spokesperson said. “Our top priority remains the safety of our customers and retrieving 100% of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the market.”

It’s worth mentioning that there have been reports that even members of the Galaxy S8 development team have now been tasked to find out the root cause of the problem. This makes sense, especially after reports last week that said if the investigation drags on, the release of the Galaxy S8 may have to be aborted.

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