Samsung starts Galaxy Note7 recalls in Belgium, blames faulty battery packs

Following the reportedly halted Galaxy Note7 distribution in Korea after reports of the smartphone exploding during charging, the company is allegedly thinking of recalling every single one of them.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 review

According to South Korean media outlet Chosun Ilbo, Samsung had originally planned to exchange the Galaxy Note7 batteries of customers free of charge. However, the new plan is to reportedly issue a refund or exchange with a new phone altogether.

Samsung reckons its various manufacturing partners burdened with the task of producing the phone’s battery pack are to blame. More specifically, Korean ITM Semiconductor is the one, at which Samsung points a finger for making the faulty packs.

Naturally, this turn of events is quite bad for Samsung. The company’s stock is falling rapidly, so it’ll possibly issue an official statement on the matter very soon.

According to The Herald, the phone’s launch in China will go according to schedule.

In the mean time a reader of ours directly informed us that Samsung has halted distribution of the phone in Belgium as well. There, the company is withdrawing the Note7 stock that’s currently in its sales partners warehouses and that will undergo a quality check. Thanks, Matthias!

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