Samsung spent $10B for marketing in 2016

The leading tech giants in South Korea Samsung and LG expanded their marketing budget in 2016. Samsung spent $10.2 billion which is a 24% increase compared to 2015 while its main South Korean competitor spent $1.6 billion, a 15% increase year-over-year.

Industry experts commented that Samsung raised expenditures to keep the interest toward its smartphones high despite the Galaxy Note7 fiasco. LG, on the other hand, invested in promoting high-end home electronics.

One of the brightest points in advertising for LG was its Superbowl commercial when US viewers saw a TV spot for the latest LG OLED TV. A spokesperson confirmed marketing budget was raised to bolster the strategy on super-premium products, a Korean news agency reported.

Both companies are expected to keep up the aggressive marketing in 2017.

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