Samsung reassuring Galaxy S7 users that their phone isn’t affected, not being recalled

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of days, you probably know that Samsung has permanently discontinued the Galaxy Note7 smartphone. Users are being urged to either get their unit exchanged for another device or obtain a refund.

While it’s amply clear that only Galaxy Note7 has been recalled by Samsung, the company, it looks like, is going an extra mile to make sure that users of its other recent flagship devices know that their unit isn’t affected.

Specifically, some Galaxy S7 users have reported that they’ve received a push message from Samsung reassuring them that their unit is safe and not subject to recall.

This isn’t entirely surprising given that the South Korean company is now relying on the Galaxy S7 to make up for the profit losses caused by the Note7 fiasco. It isn’t yet known whether or not Galaxy S7 edge users are also getting the same message, but it’d be reasonable to presume so.