Samsung publishes its own hands-on videos for all the products it outed today

For some reason Samsung really likes competing with the media when it comes to hands-on videos of its newly unveiled products. This has been happening for a while now, and the wares announced at its event today are no exception.

The Korean company has created official hands-on videos for everything it’s outed today, including the Galaxy S8 and S8+ of course. As you’d expect, the two flagship smartphones get the most attention, with videos about their screens, biometric authentication, camera, Bixby, and two separate ones on design – one for hardware, one for UX.

That said, the other things that were unveiled each have their own hands-on videos too – accessories like the DeX dock and Gear VR, but also new standalone products such as the new Gear 360 and the Connect Home mesh router which lets you control IoT devices from your phone through an app.