Samsung Odyssey+ VR headset shows up on FCC with SteamVR support

The follow up to Samsung’s Odyssey VR headset has just passed through the FCC revealing much of its features. It’s called the Odyssey+ and bears the model number XE800ZBA.

This suggests a small upgrade over the original Odyssey (XE800ZAA). According to the FCC listing the new VR headset has a bigger nose contact area, wider eye box and anti-fog (possibly referencing that the lenses will get foggy less because of the wider nose area).

The Samsung Odyssey+ will add SteamVR support to the existing Windows Mixed Reality support. This means the new headset will be able to consume VR content from Steam without the need for Windows as a middle ground.

Finally the Odyssey+ will use AMOLED + SFS but what that means is unclear at the moment.

Samsung announced the HMD Odyssey VR headset in October of last year so it’s logical to expect it successor around the same time this year.