Samsung Mobile chief vows to earn the users’ trust back

Samsung Galaxy Note7 was unprecedentedly discontinued for good after a global recall, which didn’t fix the battery issues. And while the market and Samsung are yet to fully feel the effect from the blunder, the Koreans are determined to set the record straight whatever the cost.

Samsung Mobile’s chief Dong-Jin Koh has vowed that he “would at any cost find the exact cause (behind the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues) to restore trust of consumers so that they can use Samsung products without any safety concerns.”

Mr. Koh admitted he was as frustrated as the consumers, then he proceeded to make a heartfelt apology, and thank the Samsung fans and teams for their support throughout the crisis.

Mr. Koh is enjoying the support of Samsung employees and they are expressing it on the official message boards. In times like this it is likely the head of the mobile division to go, but it seems the employees aren’t liking this possibility and are taking precautions.

Samsung is currently exchanging all the Note7 and many people are actually opting to stay with the company and choose to get a Galaxy S7 edge replacement. The GalaxyS7 edge is so popular right now that in fact it is completely out of stock in some markets such as Taiwan.

Naturally, Samsung is offering various compensations if you choose to stay with the company such as up to $100 credits, gift certificates, or even cashbacks. You can also choose to get your cash back or opt another maker’s phone, and you will still get a credit bonus, just not as big.

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